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"With the proceeds from patent litigation - more than $2 million in 1993 alone, - Tsakanikas early last month launched Tsakanikas Global Technologies."  .... "When Tsakanikas needs  patent advice, he turns to patent counsel Joseph J. Zito of the Washington D.C. law firm of ZITO tlp." Palm Beach Daily Business Review, February 14, 1994.

"Another day, another lawsuit ....Attorney Joseph Zito of Washington, D.C.-based law firm ZITO tlp filed the patent infringement lawsuit on ..." - Macsimum News, Aug 8, 2007

ZITO tlp's goal: ". . . to provide excellent representation to properly enforce the rights of clients." INFORMATION WEEK, August 8, 2007

"New Lawsuits: The most interesting new item involves Quantum Technology Management, Ltd. v. Apple Computer, Inc.... another ZITO tlp litigation" -Think Secret, May 23, 2006

"USI Wins Round in Copycat Product Suit" Warfield's Business Record, February, 19, 1996

"TrollTracker cannot believe he is again reciting the name of Joseph Zito, but here it is."  - Troll Tracker, Tuesday , August 7, 2007

"A Federal Judge Ruled" in favor of ZITO tlp, The Washington Post, February 14, 1996
"Mr. Zito is a well-experienced patent counsel, and has actively engaged in intellectual property litigation in District and Appellate Courts." Dsounds Digital Music News, March 9, 2005.

"This time around, Michigan inventor Thomas Harvey has enlisted the help of law firm ZITO tlp in enforcing patents related to power adapters." Ars Technica, August 10, 2007 / Southeast Texas Record, August 8, 2007

"... patent litigator Joseph J. Zito is the attorney that will be representing Pat-rights in its dispute with Apple. ... He did his homework and called the right firm..."   ZDNet, March 4, 2005 & ZDNet Netherlands

"Plaintiff's representative law firm ZITO tlp." Apple Insider, August 9, 2007.

"Judge Hilton refused on Feb. 9 to enjoin sales of the new version of the Pretzl Lite.  That outcome pleased Zito immensely. "We've proved to the court that we don't infringe the utility patent." Corporate Legal Times, May 1996

"I was fortunate to find Mr. Zito to represent me... I feel vindicated... It really hasn't been about the money. It's about getting credit for my invention, and I have accomplished that." The Patent Hawk, May 19, 2006

Mr. Zito said.  "My client now has a product that is much better and we are free to sell it." The Frederick Post, February 14, 1996

ZITO tlp "Recently won a small victory" The Daily Record, February 14, 1996 

Thanks to the work of ZITO tlp, "Universal Gets Approval to Market Flexible Flashlight" The Baltimore Sun, February 13, 1996 

"Black & Decker Outsnaked by ZITO tlp on Pretzl Light" The Daily Record, February 13, 1996 

With the help of ZITO tlp, "Inventor Gains Small Win Against Motorola" The Palm Beach Post, August 5, 1995 

"ZITO tlp represents Peter Tsakanikas:  His "invention is employed in over 90 percent of the facsimile machines made in Japan and sold in the United States of America." The Daily Record, November 18, 1992.

"... according to Joseph Zito, a patent lawyer representing Pat-Rights, We expect to be successful in licensing discussions with Apple."  TechStalker March 8, 2005 / Apple Insider, August 1, 2005 & August 16, 2005. / DRM News Reporter , August 18, 2005. / InfoSatellite, March 8, 2005./ MacDailyNews, August 17, 2005/ Silicon March 7, 2005.

..."ZITO tlp seeks reasonable royalty for innovators." The PC Annex News Database, August 17, 2006

..."We expect to be successful.." The Register UK, March 7, 2005

"according to Zito, ...Apple is a company ... that understands intellectual-property rights." C│NET March 7, 2005.